Lunch Special Maki

11:00 am - 4:00 pm. Choice of Miso Soup or Garden Salad
California RollCrunch Spicy Tuna RollSpicy Tuna Roll
Tuna RollTuna and CucumberTuna and Avocado
Tuna and SalmonAlaska RollPhiladelphia Roll
Shrimp and AvocadoShrimp RollShrimp and Cucumber
Shiitake and ShrimpShrimp and Asparagus RollEel Roll
Eel and CucumberSpicy Yellowtail RollYellowtail and Scallion Roll
Yellowtail and Cucumber RollSalmon Skin RollSalmon Roll
Salmon and Avocado RollSalmon and Cucumber RollSpicy White Tuna Roll
Salmon and Mango RollSalmon and Oshinko RollCrunch Spicy Salmon Roll
Kani Cheese RollTobiko RollWhite Tuna and Avocado Roll
White Tuna and Cucumber RollWhite Tuna RollShrimp Tempura Roll
Vegetable Tempura RollSweet Potato RollChicken Tempura Roll
Peanut and Avocado RollCarrot Cucumber RollOshinko Roll
Shiitake Mushroom RollAsparagus RollAvocado Roll
Cucumber RollVegetable California RollUmeshiso Roll
Mango RollSpicy White Tuna Roll

Any 2 Roll 9.00
Any 3 Roll 12.00